Sonika’s New Look Competition!!!

Thank you for all your entries. We loved them all and had a great time looking through them! The trouble was there were so many fantastic entries that we really had a hard time deciding which one was the winner. After numerous arguments and discussions we have now come to a unanimous decision that THE WINNER OF SONIKA’S NEW LOOK COMPETITION is picture number 30.

Sonika Competition Winner

The winner is Katherine Junginger and she has given her kind permission to allow us to use the Sonika picture as the new face of Sonika on Twitter. Thanks Kathy J!!

We enjoyed your pictures so much we’d like to run another new look competition in the near future. You can of course submit your pictures of Sonika at any time and we will put them in the gallery

If you’d like to discuss our decision on the winner please post your comments here.

Thanks again for all the entries!

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